Hello Spring FTU Gimp Tutorial with Bunny by FourXDesigns

For this tag, you will want the adorable FTU kits by Dees'Sign Depot.  They're in 2 parts: part  you can find here- http://www.deessigndepot.blogspot.ca/ and part 2 here- https://www.facebook.com/pages/DeesSign-Depot/269017783186478 Thank you so much Dee for the wonderful kit!
You will want the tube called Bunny by FourXDesigns which requires a license to use.  You can get the tube and license from https://www.fourxdesigns-store.com
I used a FTU mask by Rieka that can be found on Creative Misfits Creations HERE
And I am using a template that I made just for this tag, you can get that HERE

1.  Open canvas 900 x 900, drag and drop tube into canvas, remove ears and all color layers but yellow.  Add copyright at this time, copyright symbol, artist's name, website and license number, if applicable.
2.  Drag and drop template into the canvas.  Place the up close layer of tube under the big circle layer of template in layers box and the full tube layer under the text fill layer of template.  R click on the big white circle layer of template and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then L click one time on the close up tube layer to activate the tube layer in the layers box.  Go up to SELECT>INVERT and hit the DELETE key on keyboard, the tube should only show within the perimeters of that layer of template now. 
3. Drag and drop the following PAPERS into the canvas (R click ADD ALPHA CHANNEL to each paper):
18- scale to 800 x 800
Glitter 1, duplicate the second will be for text.
For paper 18, it will be the mask, so place at bottom of layers box, we will work with it in a bit.  
For paper 17, make 2 copies so there's 3 papers total.  R click on the white box and ALPHA TO SELECTION then activate paper 17 layer and SELECT>INVERT and DELETE on keyboard.  This paper is now the template layer so delete the original template layer.  Repeat with big white circle and small white circles in template with the copies of paper 17. 
For paper 2, make a copy so there's 2 papers. R click ALPHA TO SELECTION on big circle layer on template then activate paper layer SELECT>INVERT and DELETE on keyboard.  Repeat with small circle layer of template and copy of paper 2.  Delete the original template layers.
For the glitter 1 paper, R click on the Eff You wordart, ALPHA TO SELECTION go up to SELECT GROW by 2, SELECT>INVERT and while glitter 1 paper layer is activated, hit the DELETE key on keyboard.  Delete the original template layers.
Scale paper 10 to 700 x 884 then R click on back pink lines ALPHA TO SELECTION, click on the paper 10 layer to activate, SELECT>INVERT and hit DELETE on keyboard.  Delete original template layer.
R click on text fill ALPHA TO SELECTION to paper 1 SELECT>INVERT and hit DELETE.  Delete original text fill layer.
Add drop shadow for the two paper 2 layers by going to FILTERS>LIGHT&SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 2/2/9.  Also use this setting to give both the close up and full tube a drop shadow.
4.  Drag and drop mask "RR_SpringEaster Mask1" into canvas and scale to 774x759.  COLORS>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA to make it transparent.  Click on the paper 18 layer to activate then again  SELECT>INVERT and hit DELETE.  The paper will now be the mask.  Keep this at the bottom of the layers box.  Delete original mask layer.
5. Drag and drop the following elements from the kit into the canvas and place accordingly:
35- 292x285 duplicate, rotate 180
61-89x79 duplicate, flip
51-67x66, duplicate, flip
Add drop shadows with same settings as used before to the elements.
6. I used a font called Ichiro and R click ALPHA TO SELECTION add new transparent layer, fill with gradient between oranges and yellows color picked from tube.  SELECT>GROW by 2, add new layer, fill with white. SELECT>GROW by 3, activate glitter 1 paper copy in layers box, SELECT>INVERT and hit DELETE on keyboard.  Add drop shadow.
7.  Using rectangle select tool, make a selection around the tag, leaving everything that's in the tag inside the selection.  Crop the tag by going to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Delete white background layer,  save tag as .xcf so you can come back and make changes per layer if you need to.  When satisfied save as .png

Thanks for checking out this tut!  
Hope you like :)

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