Asian Pop by FourXDesigns Tag Tutorial with FREEBIE Template

To make this tag, you will want to get the amazing new tube by FourXDesigns called Asian Pop from http://www.fourxdesigns-store.com/.  To use art by FourXDesigns, you must also have a license and you get that easily by pretty much just registering and making a purchase on her site.  
Grab the freebie template that I specifically made for this tag on 4shared HERE.  Do not share this template, instead just direct others here to my blog to download it for themselves.
I used my own kit called Lonely Disaster, which will be available soon to download.
Grab some awesome FTU masks by the Creative Misfits!  You want the grunge mask by Aqua #147 HERE and the sparkle mask 2 by me HERE.

Let's get on this :)
1.  Open new image size 800x900 then drag and drop the template into the canvas.  Delete the top copyright layer.  Delete the little black circle layer of template.
2. Drag and drop the tube into the canvas.  Delete all but the full tube- black with chainsaw ( center this tube as shown) and black with lollipop close up layers.  Duplicate the close up layer twice so there is a total of 3 layers.  Flip one of the copies.  Position the flipped copy over the top black square layer of template.  Position the other copy on the bottom black square of template.  For the original close up, place above the star.  With each of these close up layers, you will want to go to COLOR>DESATURATE.  Then R click on the star template layer in layers box and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then L click on the tube layer above that template layer within the layers box to activate the layer, go to SELECT>INVERT then hit DELETE on the keyboard.  The excess of the tube layer that was past the boundaries of the template layer will be removed.  Repeat these steps for all 3 of the close up layers and their corresponding template layers. When they're all done, you will want to change the MODE for the layers above the black squares to SCREEN.  Mode is located at the top of the layers box.  For the tube layer above the star, first go to FILTER>S ARTISTIC>SOFTGLOW with settings at glow 10, brightness 75 and sharpness 85.  Then change the mode layer to hard light.  Make sure at this step you include the correct copyright info including copyright symbol, artist's name, website and license number when applicable.
3. Drag and drop Paper 9 (will be mask), Paper 7 and Paper 4 into the canvas.  R click on each in layers box and ADD ALPHA CHANNEL. 
Paper 9 place at the very bottom of the layers box and click the little eye next to it to make it invisible for now. 
Paper 7, duplicate and place above the black circle layer and scale to 500x500.  Place other above black box layer of template and scale to 700x700.
Paper 4 place above the pink rectangle layer and R click on the pink rectangle layer in layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION, up to SELECT>SHRINK by 10 then click on the paper layer to activate, SELECT>INVERT and hit DELETE on the keyboard to delete the excess. 
4. Add noise by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with settings at 20/20/20/0 and correlated the only one checked tot the following layers of template:
pink rectangle, grey in black circle, grey little star, bottom AND top grey squares.  Also add noise to the dotty outter layer but change the alpha in the settings to 1.
5.  Add drop shadows by going to FILTERS>LIGHT&SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with setting as illustrated:
paper 4- 0/0/11
tube body- 6/6/12
grey in black circle- 2/2/4
pink little star bottom- 6/6/12
front pink star- 6/6/12
bottom grey star and top grey star- 6/6/12
paper 7 above black box- 0/0/20
corner stars 2/2/4
6.  Drag and drop the following elements from kit, place appropriately and scale to:
17 & 19- click the chains in the layers box to link the layers together then while the star (17) is activated, scale to 224x22, this will go below the drop shadow of the front pink star layer of template.  Unlink.
51- 693x675 to bottom of layers box, above paper 9.
24- 97x359, R click on element 52, ALPHA TO SELECTION, then use the eraser tool to delete the middle of the top loop of element 24 as shown below.
53- duplicate and place one on bottom left and one on top right, below element 51.
42- scale to 110x 106, make 2 copies so there's 3 total.  I put these kind of around the sharp corners of the tag as you can see in the tag.
4- 80x56 place above top black box.
Add drop shadow to these elements with settings at 2/2/4.
7.  Drag and drop the sparkle mask in and scale to 765x765, COLOR>INVERT and LAYER>COLOR TO ALPHA to make it transparent.  COLOR>INVERT again to make it white.  Place behind the glitter elements 53.
8.  Drag and drop the grunge mask by Aqua into the canvas, scale to 880x808, COLOR>INVERT, LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.  R click on layer in layers box ALPHA TO SELECTION, then click on paper 9 layer to activate.  Go to SELECT>INVERT and hit DELETE on keyboard to delete the excess paper.  You can delete the original Aqua mask since the paper is now the mask. 
9.  I used a font called aaaiight!  in a pink shade from the template size 60.  R click ALPHA TO SELECTION SELECT>GROW by 1, add new transparent layer, fill with black picked from template layer, move behind the text layer.  SELECT>GROW by 2, fill with same black shade, COLOR>INVERT, move behind the black layer of text.  Add noise to this grey layer with settings at 20/20/20/0.  Add drop shadow with settings at 4/4/10.  Now, R click ALPHA TO SELECTION on the pink text layer, shrink by 1, add new transparent layer and fill it with white.  Then SELECT>NONE.  Move this white layer over to the right slightly, just so it's barely sticking out past the pink.  Then R click on pink text again ALPHA TO SEELCTION, activate white layer in layers box and hit DELETE.  Zoom in to see where the white has been left, reposition it over the pink to make the text look gel-like.  This is the only way I have found to make gel-like text in Gimp so far :)
10.  Save your tag as .xcf so you can come back and make changes if you need to layer by layer in the future.  When satisfied with the tag, delete the white background layer and save the tag as .png. 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
If you use my template, show me what you've done with it!  Would LOVE to see :)

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