Miami Firecracker Gimp Tag Tutorial

For this tag, you will want to go and grab the fantastic tube by FourXDesigns called Miami HERE, you must also have a license to use this tube and the license will be the email address with which you register in the store with.  Miami is 25% off right now and there's an amazing storewide sale so don't miss out on it, just click here- http://fourxdesigns-store.com/
I am using my own kit called Firecracker, which will be available soon to download.
Go and get the template that I previously posted HERE.
Get the WAVY mask in the freebie pack I posted HERE.
And go visit the Creative Misfits and download the Sparkle/Bling pack of masks HERE, make sure to tell them all thanks- Misfits Rock!  We're using my own Sparkle Mask 2 from the pack in this tag!
I use Gimp 2.8, however any version will work for this and I'm sure you could easily convert it to your program of choice!
Ok, here we go!
1.  Open the template up in gimp, delete the top copyright layer as well as the background layers.
2.  Drag and drop the tube into the canvas, copy/duplicate and flip the close up layer of tube.  Then R Click on the "back small frame" of template, ALPHA TO SELECTION, up to SELECT>INVERT and LEFT click once on the tube close up layer to "activate" the layer in layers box, then hit DELETE on keyboard.  Repeat these steps again with the copy of the close up layer of tube and the "back of big frame" layer of template. Now on each of those layers, go to COLORS>DESATURATE and choose luminousity then go to FILTERS>ARTISTIC>SOFT GLOW with settings at 30.40 for glow radius, brightness at 78 and sharpness at 76.
For the full body tube, add a drop shadow by going to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 4/4/8 then hit OK.
Don't forget at this time to place the correct copyright with artist's name, website and license number when applicable.
3.  Drag the following papers into the canvas, R click on each layer in layers box & ADD ALPHA CHANNEL before working on paper layer:
8- scale to 500x500, make a couple copies to cover all over both the frames in template and merge the paper layers together.  Duplicate so there's 2 copies of it total.  Then R click on small frame ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>SHRINK by 3, SELECT>INVERT and while paper layer is activated, hit DELETE on keyboard.  Add drop shadow to both of the frames, not the paper layers with settings at 5/5/10.
3- duplicate so there's 2 copies total of it, and like you did with paper 8, we'll do this all over again with paper 3 and the big red circle Right and big red circle Left in template. But, do not shrink at all.  When the papers are covering the template layers, then again R click ALPHA TO SELECTION on the big red circle Left, SELECT>SHRINK by 6, SELECT>INVERT and hit DELETE.  R Click again ALPHA TO SELECTION, shrink by 18, hit DELETE.  Make sure these layers are above the paper layers.  Add noise by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with correlated checked only and settings at 20/20/20/0 hit OK. Add drop shadow to the red circle layers with settings at 2/2/4 
5- scale to 800x800, duplicate 2 times for a total of 3 copies and place one at bottom of layers box, that one will be the mask but that's in the next step...  for the other two copies, you will want to make one copy into the blue stripes layer of template following the same steps as above- ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>INVERT and DELETE... For the other copy of paper 5, first duplicate it and  then R click, ALPHA TO SELECTION on blue circle of template, SELECT>SHRINK by 6, hit DELETE.  Add noise to that layer.  For the other copy of paper 5, do the entire blue circle, without shrinking.  Add a drop shadow to the outer paper settings at 2/2/4, to the whole circle at 0/0/15.
Add noise to the other layers of template as well, most will be 4/4/8 or 0/0/15, also including the star layers in the back with settings at 1/1/2
4.  Now let's drag and drop both the masks into the canvas, for the sparkle mask 2, scale to 815x815, COLOR>INVERT, LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA to make it transparent.  COLOR>INVERT again.  For the wavy mask, duplicate and flip the mask, place one upper left and one bottom right then merge the two layers together.  R click, ALPHA TO SELECTION on the mask layer, then activate the paper 5 layer at bottom of layers box and hit DELETE.  The paper is now the mask so you can delete the original mask layer.
5.  Drag and drop elements into the kit, scale and place as shown:
34- 320x357
3- 230x229
7- 465x114
4- 230 x 215
32- 378x366
10- 83x62
8- 93x92, duplicate/flip
9- 80x63
17- 131x105
5- duplicate/flip
Add drop shadow to these elements, except sand and fireworks layers with settings at 3/3/3.
6.  I used a font called Great Vibes in red, add noise with same settings as previously used, R click on text layer, SELECT>GROW by 1, add new transparent layer, fill with white. Add drop shadow at 3/3/3.   
7.  Save your tag as .xcf so you can come back in layer by layer and make any necessary changes.  When you're satisfied, just export as a .png. 
Thanks for checking this tutorial out:)

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