Ink Masterz Tag Tutorial

Hello again!  I got this awesome kit from Creative Scraps by Crys called Ink Masterz and I'm sharing a Gimp tagger scrapkit tag tutorial with you today! 
There's a few snags for you after the tutorial, do not change or add to them whatsoever but feel free to use them in your groups, forums etc.!
Ok, to start on this tag, you'll want the following:
PTU Tagger kit "Ink Masterz" by Creative Scraps by Crys HERE
I'm using an exclusive tube that I purchased from Scraps and the City (no longer open) by Celinart Pinup. This tube is not available in her store at this time, however you can use any tube of your choice.  
I used 2 masks, they are freebies!  You want to grab Dee's Designs "DD_NM_5.jpg" mask, it's in assorted masks 13-18 HERE & hop over to the Creative Misfits for Jenny's "GrungeMask7byJenny.jpg" mask HERE.
Open Gimp.  Go to FILE>NEW and enter 800 into both width and height.  Click OK.
With your folder open on your desktop of the scrapkit, click and drag these papers into the canvas:
Right click on the each of the paper layers inside the layers box and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL.
Then with the mask folders open, click and drag both the masks into the canvas...  right click on DD mask and SCALE LAYER to 900x900.  Right click on both masks and ADD ALPHA CHANNEL.  Click the invisible layer check box (looks like an eye) in the layers box for paper 13.  Now, while DD mask is selected in the layers box, go to COLORS>INVERT then to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA and hit OK.  Repeat these steps with Jenny's mask.  Your layers box should look like this-
We are going to change the papers into the masks.  So right click on the layers box on DD mask and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION, then click on the paper 5 layer in the layers box to activate the layer and go to EDIT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  Paper 5 is now the DD mask so you can delete the DD mask layer.  Now, with Jenny's mask you want to duplicate it and place kitty corner left top right bottom, middles together.  Right click on the copy and choose MERGE DOWN to make it one mask.  Then repeat the step above making paper 16 the mask.  When you have this done, your layers box should look like this-
Now you can click the invisible check box for paper 13 and make it visible again.  You can also delete the white background layer at this time... Add your tube of choice in.  Do not forget to add the artists name, site and license number when applicable.  
On the close-up of the tube I went to COLORS>DESATURATE and chose average, OK.  Then go to FILTERS>ARTISTIC.SOFT GLOW with presets, hit OK.
Drag and drop the following elements from the kit folder into the canvas (the first 5 go under the full tube layer, rest go on top):
Frame 3
57- duplicate and flip copy
18- rotate 18 degrees and flip
12- flip
Scale all down and place accordingly.  Using the ellipse select tool, create a circle just beyond the inner boundaries of the frame and while the paper 13 layer is active, go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  Make sure you also get the tube edges deleted, and only leave what is inside the frame.
Then on every single element (as well as frame and full body tube), go to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 3/3/6, hit OK.
I used a font called Just Wait & See in black. Right click on this layer in the layers box and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then add a new transparent layer.  Go to SELECT>GROW by 1 and fill the new layer you just added with white.  Again, right click and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION and grow by 2, add another transparent layer and use the color picker to choose a pink and blue shade.  With the gradient tool, starting at the bottom of the text and drag upwards to the top of the text and release.  
Add a drop shadow to the text with same settings you previously had.
Save as .xcf so you can come back through and make changes layer by layer if need be.  When you're happy with your tag save as .png!

And here's your extras!  Hope you enjoyed my tut!  Leave me some love if you snag! Just right click and save.


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